Gym Group

GYM ?, i've got C.O.P.D!....It seems absurd but yet it's true you can still use the gym. That is why THE RESTART TEAM started this group to get people like you & I fitter, it also benefits your lungs intake capacity. Not only that but you will feel better within yourself.
The group meets every Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm - 3pm under the care & instruction of our qualified trainer WENDY at the cost of £3 per session. Don't be put off by the word trainer, WENDY will not ask you to do anything you are unable to, it's not boot camp! The key to it is do what you can, pace yourself & take your time, remember everyone has C.O.P.D in the group. On a plus note a member of RESTART will be at hand, they too take part in the activities, so it has to be worth it just to see that, has not it?


You will however only be eligible to attend these sessions if you have completed the RESTART rehab programme. For more information on the rehab course phone RESTART :-01604 544865.
If you have attended it & want more details of the GYM GROUP please feel free to ring SUE STACEY:- 01604 710915


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